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  • LOSS OF FAMILY MEMBERSSarah Overbey (Rhea's sister in law)
  • CANCER: Jamie Wood Weeks, Tony Seibert's finance Peggy, Mary Ann Miller's husband, Pat Meyer, Vicki Kinzie's Mother, Wayne Miller, Daryl Lucas, Don Peterson, Jolene Frink 
  • ON GOING HEALTH CONCERNS: Nick Leiker, Erin Evans, Vivian Zwink, Junior Swartz, Don Overbey, Caleb Stimatize, Rebecca Drake, Les Deighton, Millie (Courtney) Hazuka, Eugene Grizzell, Jennie Walker, Bud Suiter, Mickey & Marsha Johnson, Gage & Fritz Grizzell, Jessica Brown & family, Lynda Grizzell, Kaye Paden, Rhea Overbey
  • EXPECTANT MOTHERS:  Leigh Ann (Deighton) Vermillion, Lily Hudson
  • MILITARY: Brian Martin, Alexis Law and everyone in armed forces 
  • THOSE TO LIFT UP ALWAYS: Disciple Heritage Fellowship, Elders, Our Government, Our Missionaries, Our schools, Church, and Enemies.
  • SPECIAL PRAYERS: Overbey Ministries, Youth Groups.
  • PRAISES: