Affiliate Disclaimer

In case you couldn’t tell, I use affiliate links on my blog.

Which means when people click an affiliate link to an online product/service and make a purchase, I get a commission.

You may think I recommend certain products because they pay higher commissions. That’s not true. I recommend BunnyCDN over RocketCDN even though they only give credits. Most hosts offer me the same commission ($150/sale) because I can typically generate enough volume if it’s actually a good service. I didn’t even bother signing up for Hostinger or NitroPack’s affiliate program because they’re not good products. I recommend LiteSpeed Cache over WP Rocket even though it’s free. WP Rocket and FlyingPress have very similar commissions. I ain’t a sellout!

My blog got popular in the first place because I value my recommendations over money. That’s why people read my tutorials.

This is my main source of income and helps me write free tutorials. I have an affiliate marketing guide if you want to learn how to get started.

I don’t accept solicited affiliate offers either, so don’t even think about asking!